What to do in Miami

Beaches, glamor, art deco and nature.

MiamiSightseeing in Miami The city of Miami has an odd configuration. Actually consists of several areas, some of them on the mainland and other islands located near the coast, which bind to it through various roads and highways: the Julia Tuttle Causeway, State Highway A1A, Highway Rickenbacker ... The total area is enormous, as is common in large U.S. cities.

In the mainland, the benchmark is Downtown Miami (which translates roughly as the center of Miami), the commercial heart of the city and venue of the tallest skyscrapers in the area. Located at the edge of the sea off the islands that make up the rest of the metropolis, Downtown Miami is surrounded by the Port of Miami (Port of Miami), who is proud to be the largest cruise port in the world. Part of the port is located on Dodge Island, to the left of the Downtown viewed from earth. The most characteristic and popular places in the area are Brickell Village (shopping area and nightlife) and Bayside Marketplace (beachfront, is a center of shopping and entertainment also surrounded by a lovely spring). As a curiosity, but we are left with the desire to visit, saying that in front of this area is Fisher Island, which can only be reached by private plane or helicopter where many celebrities have a second home.

No further move to the islands (the area certainly more popular and famous of Miami), the continent can still find another reference neighborhood in Miami: Little Havana or Little Havana, the fate of many wealthy Cuban immigrants who fled the country after the arrival of Fidel Castro to power (at the end of the decade of the 50). About eight hundred thousand Cubans and their descendants now populate this neighborhood, in which the fusion, mixing and color are common. The Cuban food stalls, restaurants, Hispanics, Latinos and Creoles, small cigar factories ... Clearly distinguish this area from the rest of the city, stratford ct car accident yesterday. Note that in this neighborhood is home to the Festival de la Calle Ocho (precisely on the street it is named), the biggest street party of Spanish America.

Crossing and one of the four highways leading to the Big Island, here we can find several areas of note. The east coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is the place where are the tourist resorts, residential areas and in general the sun and beach glamor that has brought fame and fortune to this place. To the north we find the Sunny Isles Beach, and as we pass down other beach areas: Bal Harbour (commercial enclave par excellence), Miami Beach and South Beach (which is actually part of the former). The area of Miami Beach begins at the Lincoln Road Mall, which runs through the south of the island from coast to coast horizontally: the hallmark of this beach is the promenade, full of athletes, athletic bodies and curious style lifeguard Art Deco. A little further south, as its name implies, is South Beach, the area with more glamor and celebrities. White sand, palm trees, crystal clear waters, restaurants and designer shops and lots of money floating in the atmosphere: this is South Beach. The reference point is certainly Lummus Park, the park that flanks the famous Ocean Drive (road that runs parallel to the sea) on the inside. Moreover, if anything characterizes South Beach is undoubtedly the Art Deco Historic District, with over eight hundred buildings erected in this elegant style, painted in soft colors and illuminated with neon. There is an Art Deco Welcome Center that also offers tours. Avanti Limousines of South Florida is Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beaches Premier VIP Luxury Limo Service & Ft Lauderdale Airport as well as Palm Beach Airport First Class Transportation Service.  One thing that you can always count on with Avanti Limousine of Pompano Beach and Boca Raton is a professional, courteous, on-time and safe limo, car or party bus transportation service. Book Online and Save 10% or Call 954-699-1945

Keys islands are a little further south, and most important is undoubtedly Key Biscayne, to which is accessed from the mainland by the Rickenbacker highway. It is the place where you can admire the magnificent mansions of the VIPs and millionaires, and also where you can find (surprisingly) the best beaches in the city.  It also has two beautiful parks with nature to stop, facilities for various sports and activities and access to magnificent beaches. But if we want true nature, we will have to lead the Everglades National Park, which occupies almost the entire bottom of the Florida peninsula. With a name known to a subtropical marshland, a kind of big river or swamp, shallow river with high vegetation and dotted with islands. The wildlife that populates is truly exceptional: alligators, panthers, deer ... You can make guided tours or explore the Everglades by car through the only two routes that cross: Highway 41 ("Tamiami Trail") and Highway 75 ("Path of the Lizard"). It's a good idea to visit the visitor center at Shark Valley, about 49 kilometers from Miami, from there you can take walking tours, bicycle, train rides, guided tours ...

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Density: 87.4/sq m.

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