ChicagoChoosing Chicago as a holiday destination is to travel to very essence to U.S., the epicenter of history, art, economics, film, architecture and American life style.

The city of Chicago is located in the northwestern U.S. state of Illinois in the U.S. Midwest and Great Lakes region, extending from the southwest coast of Lake Michigan and part of Chicagoland, a conurbation comprising the outlying counties .

The county seat of Cook County and parts of DuPage, with its hundreds of nicknames, is located next to Lake Michigan, Chicago River and central Calumet at its southern end. Its 600 square kilometers makes it the largest city and the third most populous in North America and the third largest metropolitan area in the United States. Limo service in Hamburg, Kiel and Travemunde Terminal.

Today is the second largest market in the country and the world's leading centers in commerce, industry, telecommunications and research. But it is also the site of culture, literature, film and American architecture, as reflected in its reputation in novels, plays, movies, music, magazines of all types and themes and media.

Chicago is described by many names: "Chi-town", "Windy City", "Second City" "city of big shoulders", "the city that works", the "white city" ... and others so many that reveal their future and place in history. As a city was incorporated in 1837. At first, it was a small village grew and prospered as an important transportation hub between east and west of the United States, to become, in 1830, "second city" American. Unfortunately, the famous fire of 1871 devastated much of the city. But tragedy revived him even harder thanks to the rise of architecture, its innovative social development programs and its railroad. Finally, the Columbia Exposition held in 1893, which attracted 26 million visitors, was the trigger for the recovery of Chicago who has since became the center of roads, canals, railroads and airplanes, while in turn, was transformed into the city of literature and film of 20, of Prohibition and the legends of gangsters and cops famous as Al Capone and Eliot Ness.

Since then, Chicago is the destination of choice for the cinema and for tourism. And there are many attractions in this city, its architecture, influence and hodgepodge of various movements such as Art Deco, lifted by many famous architects worldwide, its culture reflected by its numerous museums, the Art Institute of Chicago, his popular Millennium Park, the beaches at the edge of Lake Michigan and, above all, its sports, leisure and entertainment filled with festivals, parades, ethnic, exhibitions, music, theater, dance, art, film.

Chicago is a city in boiling continues promoted by a population characterized by ethnic and religious diversity, with a powerful commercial, industrial and excellent education in the world, which is embellished with the profile of Lake Michigan, parks and stunning architecture. 

It is a city of contrasts that is reflected even in its own distinct climate perfect for all four seasons. Its summers are hot and humid, winters are cold, snowy, windy, and spring and fall seasons are mild with low humidity. Chicago is great, but I'm very interested in the waterfalls out in Arizona and going on awith BG Wild. A fun tour operator if you are wanting a change of pace from the cold Chicago winter or humid summers

In short, Chicago is known as the "second city" of the United States, unique in its contrasts, which have become a city of film with thousands of attractive and amazing places that show the popular American dream.

General information about USA

Total Area: 9,826,675 km2

Population: 313,918,000.

Density: 87.4/sq m.

Capital: Washngton D.C.

Tourism: Over 60 million international tourists visit USA each year.

Political Structure: Federal presidential constitutional republic, (Two-party system)

Time zone: (UTC−5 to −10) Summer (DST) (UTC−4 to −10).

Currency: United States dollar ($) (USD).

Language: English

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